Thursday, 17 October 2013 almost weekly...

My last entry was on the 3rd and today is the it's been two weeks.  Not too shabby considering my goal was once per week.  It's a DRASTIC improvement from the time lapse from the entry before right?!  Definite YES!

So, Carlos would be proud!  Carlos is my webpage designer and all things that are keeping me organized and set up via my webpage...anyway he said I should Shout out to Carlos!  I'm blogging :)

Busy couple of weeks I've had....a Hollywood inspired wedding cake...a simple and romantic buttercream wedding cake...a fun San Francisco travel themed wedding cake and last but not least a chic and modern silver/charcoal grey elegant wedding cake as well.  I absolutely LOVE working on wedding cakes but I am pleased to have a slow week this week to get outdoors and enjoy some of this weather and scenery before it disappears.

Is it just me or has everyone overdosed on pumpkin pie!  Good Lord I love it but man....5 slices in and I'm an addict looking for salvation....SAVE ME FROM ALL THE NUTMEGGY GOODNESS.  Ugh, and I'm a whipped cream pile-r....the higher the mound the better....or so we think at first!  Anyway, I've had enough pumpkin pie to take me until October 2014....I say that now and I know I'll be eating it again at Christmas!

CHRISTMAS!  It's coming up fast and will be here before you know it - 10 WEEKS in fact!  10....that's like 70 days!  My math skills are so sharp....hahaha.

Anyway, don't save your Christmas cake orders until the last minute like your shopping!!!
Andy XO

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