Thursday, 3 October 2013

Wait a's October 2013?!

So, you can imagine my horror and surprise when I looked at the date of my last blog......February 2012 (it's small print because I'm feeling embarrassed).  

To be and business have been busy & booming!

My son is now 19 months....which means the terrible 2's on are the horizon.  Let's just say he's a busy fellow!  He keeps me running all can be exhausting but truthfully once he's in bed - I find that miss him so much and can't wait until morning.  Well, I can wait a nice solid 8 hours *fingers crossed*

Business has been great....I can't complain!  Word of mouth has been terribly kind and I'm always so honoured when a past client goes out of their way to mention my name to a future bride.  I actually had a client once (Emily) tell a stranger that she was seated next to at a baseball game that she should call me for her wedding cake.  Hearing that makes me smile....because I know I've done good!

Well, I am going to promise to write at least weekly!  I wish I could remember every single day like I do my son's vitamins.

Off to sleep I go - so that I'm fresh faced with a spring in my Fall step to work on Tania & Vince's Wedding Cake and Glynis & Brad's Wedding Cake/Dessert for their guests.

Talk soon...promise!
Andy XO

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